What others are saying

“Mattias worked conceptualizing one of the best IoT related projects I have seen in my classes in the last couple of years. He and his group worked hard in building a concept bringing together sentiment analysis in public spaces by mapping simple sensor information. It was a great project that shows a great understanding of the state of the art of technology and the possibilities it offers to interaction design”

– David Cuartielles, Arduino

”I worked with Mattias on EA’s Facebook Pages where Mattias supplied excellent administration and moderation as well as community management directly to EA’s customer base online.
Mattias is hard working, easy going and always willing to help out to give the customers the best possible experience. I dearly recommend him”

Lion Martinez, Electronic Arts

”Mattias hjälpte mig med allt foto-/design-/layoutarbete när jag släppte mitt debutalbum. Han skötte allt arbete med artistbilder, skiva, merchandise, backdrop mm. Mattias var väldigt noggrann och hängiven sitt arbete. Han var väldigt lyhörd för mina önskemål och hade inga problem med att justera sin vision baserat på min feedback. Han hade bra överblick över hela projektet och jobbade professionellt mot en enhetlig design rakt över alla delar av projektet samtidigt som han lyckades göra fristående unika verk som funkade i helheten. Jag kommer garanterat anlita Mattias för framtida projekt och kan starkt rekommendera honom”

– Mattias Törnell, MT Music Production

”Mattias has worked on some of the best projects in all the courses I’ve taught on in the past 2 years. Most recently of which is the Handcar racing game where he and his group demonstrated great design process and prototyping skills and produced one of the most entertaining experiences we’ve had in the game design course.
It has always been my impression that Mattias puts all his effort into everything he works on. He has also shown a great capacity for learning new skills and goes above and beyond to learn much more than what is required of him.”

– Jaffar Salih, Malmo University